Square 1: 9-Week Transformation Program

We all have a story, we all have goals and we all have a starting point, a Square 1!  Whether you are just beginning a lifestyle change or simply need a change of pace for your fitness routine, our Square 1 program will help to guide you through your journey to accomplishment of your long-term goals.  Our program promotes healthy behavior change that provides you with the knowledge of nutrition and exercise that allow you to become self-sustained.

Square 1 Wellness
Square 1 Wellness

Build Your Foundation for Successful Weight Management

This is not a “magic wand” program.  Without the right support, a transformation program is nothing more than a glorified diet.  Square 1 has a unique program, starting with OUR definition of “diet”, that will change your life forever.  When sound nutrition is combined with motivational coaching and a personalized safe and effective fitness program, you will see an amazing transformation.

Square 1

A 9-Week Transformation Program that is a safe and effective weight-loss program that will include:

  • Analysis
    Our personal trainers will perform an assessment and help you to identify your specific needs and goals.
  • Planning
    Together, we will customize a unique plan to help you to effectively and efficiently achieve your goals with maximum results.
  • Techniques and Injury Prevention
    Our team will continuously critique your form and posture so to promote proper muscle isolation and minimize the risk of injury.
  • Results Management
    We offer weekly private consultation to assess and chart your progress.
  • Nutritional Guidance
    Our experts will educate you and assist you in formulating a meal plan that is a lifestyle modification rather than a temporary diet plan.

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